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Discover Your Values Through Your Story

When we take people through the vocational coaching process, we start with their story. In listening to our stories, we learn of embodied values over time. To clearly articulate and getting at these values we use my friend and colleague, Deborah Loyd’s text, Your Vocational Credo. In her book, Deborah uses a simple triangle diagram to help bring together stories of past and future toward clarifying values.

In this second episode of our podcast, I continue to coach Sara Lattimore through the beginning piece of the triangle to clarify her values and begin to understand the thread of her vocation.

In Episode 2 We Cover:

  1. The difference between meta and micro version of calling

  2. The vocational triangle

  3. How our childhood story shows up in our calling


Coming from the Christian tradition, I believe there are two voices embedded in two stories that call us. The first is the voice of God operating from the meta-narrative of Scripture. The second voice is our own, and it is most easily heard through the story of our life.  Together, the voice of God and our life enable us to clearly articulate our purpose and role in the world. 

Each of us has a particular version of this meta story in our life. We have been created as incredible beings, formed with deep purpose. Throughout our life we encounter pain and setbacks that throw us off course from our purpose. But there is good news in our story. Our failures and brokenness do not diminish our purpose. In actuality, they have much to say to us. All of our imperfections paired with our many other life experiences speak our vocation back to us. Our vocation is then a restorative one, moving into deep understanding of our identity with humility and confidence, toward revitalization of our life and the world around us.


“Before you tell your life what you intend to do with it, listen for what it intends to do with you.” Parker Palmer, Let Your Life Speak 

Our lives speak to us through our experiences and communicate the thread of our story…our vocation into the world to support the way opening for our future.

In exploring Deborah Loyd’s text, Your Vocational Credo. The triangle navigates the themes in our life through examining how pain, a meaningful quote or text, our vision for the world, and our values shape our vocation. When we consider our values, one of the simplest ways to consider a favorite childhood book or movie. The themes often relate to and even are seen as part of our own embodiment over time.

You may want to take a few moments to reflect on the questions here or even watch the podcast to consider the values in your story.

Questions for Reflection

I invite Sara to consider the following questions in our podcast. How would you respond?

  • Have you had ‘calling moments’ from God? Have they been general or particular to you? 

  • What is your favorite childhood book or movie?

  • What values are exemplified by the childhood book/movie?


Further Support

I would love to have you join us for our vocational intro course launching April 22nd to support you in further clarifying your calling. You will be guided through a process to create a credo that helps you own your calling and live in alignment in your work, so you can thrive in all you are and do!  I have been coaching for over 10 years now and have come alongside hundreds of women and men in discerning their vocation. 

If getting clarity in your calling sounds like something you want, go to

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