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Discovering your calling. Part 1

What are the themes of your life? ⠀

How do we get in touch with our calling? At first glance it might seem that we need to go volunteer or practice in some way. Yes, this is very helpful to knowing who we are and how we are wired. However, I believe that the primary way for us to know our calling is to go internal. ⠀

When I talk with people about their calling I often use the metaphor of the iceberg. There is a lot of seen and known activity on the surface of our lives but the gravity of the iceberg, that which holds it into place, is much lower, sitting with the 90% below the surface. These are the ways that our life experience has shaped our feeling, thinking, and being in the world. ⠀

The tips I am going to share over the next couple days are going to be focused "below the surface." In this time, when the world has slowed down, we have an opportunity to look at the inside to then determine what we will do on the outside. ⠀

Calling Tip 1: Examine the Themes of your life.

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