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Our New Podcast Launched Today!

Want to learn more about how congregations thrive in their context? How does individual vocation meet in group settings for everyone to live their calling and thrive? Find out in our latest podcast!

In this podcast you will learn:

The Leadership Center and Portland Seminary have come together to produce the Thriving Congregations Podcast, hosted by the Leadership Center!

The Thriving Institute was created to support clergy thriving as pastoral leaders in congregational settings. The ultimate aim of Congregational Thriving is to help congregations strengthen their ministries and thrive so they can better help people deepen their relationships with God, enhance their connections with each other and contribute to the flourishing of their communities and the world. To this end, congregations will be chosen as part of a Congregational Thriving cohort for their work of spiritual formation and mission within their context.

In this episode, meet the Institute for Pastoral and Congregational Thriving team! Director, Rev. Dr. Trisha Welstad, our Project Lead, Dr. Leah Payne, and one of our Assistant Directors, Toni Huynh. Come catch the vision for the Thriving Congregations Lily-Endowed Grant from Portland Seminary - to enhance and sustain the conditions needed for pastors to thrive in congregational leadership and thus enrich and sustain the vitality of the congregations and parishes they serve. 

The Thriving Institute embodies discipleship! We want to empower, equip, serve, and train ministers and their congregations to say yes to the call God has on every church for their specific context, congregation, and passions. 

Listen to the Podcast

Listen here , or on Spotify, and watch for more episodes soon!

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