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Find where your passions intersect your community's needs.



Recognize and overcome limiting beliefs.



Activate your strategy to heal the world.


From the Leadership Center:

It's our mission to help you clarify & activate your calling!


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1: Clarity

Clarify your vocation, vision for your future, get clear on your identity and long term calling in these 4 1-on-1 live online coaching sessions! End your sessions by writing your vocational credo to serve as foundation for your future decisions & goals!

Four Coaching Sessions

2: Clarity & Mindset

Build on the first 4 sessions of clarification & follow this up with deep mindset work. Complete a full mindset and belief inventory to understand how you respond to change, habits, and boundaries. Get 8 one-on-one live, online coaching sessions to address a "stuck" mentality and to move forward in freedom!

Eight Coaching Sessions

3: Clarity, Mindset & Strategy

Build on the first 8 sessions and move further by getting strategic, implement your sense of calling in the world, emphasize action out of what you're talking about! Get practical with strategic planning, get the accountability you need to thrive!

This is a great option for people contemplating a big life change!

Twelve Coaching Sessions

Monthly Coaching!

After your coaching package is complete, sign up for monthly sessions to keep accountability and clarity on next steps! Get more strategies and resources to continue implementing your calling in the world!

Monthly Coaching
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"Trisha helped me uncover my limiting beliefs and map out basic steps and actions to start living into the life I actually want. I am hopeful for the future for the first time in a long time."

-Rachel K.

"Before coaching, I did not know what questions to ask myself to further my dreams. Coaching with Trisha helped me know what questions to ask and what priority to give them."

-Pamela B.

"I sought out coaching because I wanted to explore a possible change in vocation. Trisha helped me walk through various aspects of how God has created me, the strengths I have, and how those inform my calling."

-Mark P.


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