Feeling like everything is unclear?


Are you moving forward but feeling stuck? Unfulfilled? Unsure?

In our Life Calling Discovery course you'll gain the resources to pinpoint your calling, and to live it out.

Having a job and living your calling are two different things!

Your job may be part of your vocation, but your life's calling is so much more than the position you hold.

You're not alone - join a community that's clarifying their calling together.

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It's Time to Live Fulfilled

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Clarify Your Calling

Learn how to connect your passions to your everyday life. Gain community, conversation, and tools to activate your vocational calling. We'll help you:

  • Discern your calling
  • Understand your healing
  • Write your Vocational Credo

It's time to live your calling!


We'll walk through defining vocation and why it matters for the longevity of your life.


We know we all have calling - here we'll discern what our particular calling is and how we live it out.


Pain and personal history shape our calling and how we see the world.


Write your Vocational Credo in 25 words! Your clarified calling is your baseline for life.


We offer both group coaching and 1:1 coaching in addition to the online class. You can sign up for coaching when you begin or during the course.

Come curious and bring questions and insights you have for our time! You can also join in on conversation prompts, questions, and conversations about our challenges in this process through our members space.

In group coaching you get to join a community conversation of people clarifying their calling, just like you!


I'm a courageous, loving and whole-hearted leader whose vision for the world is for all people to activate their unique identity and calling, welcoming one another to play and work together in mutually honorable, hospitable and generous ways that create healthy and sustainable relationships with God, self, others, and the planet.

In accomplishing this vision, I have served as the executive director of The Leadership Center, coaching women and men on vocation and leadership since 2012. I have had my doctorate in Leadership and Global Perspectives from Portland Seminary and is an ordained pastor. Trisha also directs The Institute for Pastoral and Congregational Thriving at Portland Seminary and serves as project faculty for the doctoral program at Portland Seminary. 

"Before coaching, I did not know what questions to ask myself to further my dreams. Coaching with the Leadership Center helped me know what questions to ask and what priority to give them"

Pamela B.

"The biggest takeaway for me was being able to clarify and better articulate my calling and what is important to me as a leader. And being able to recognize areas of growth in myself and learning tools to help navigate through those tougher areas."

Jake K.



Do you find yourself remembering old passions and not sure how they fit into your life? Do you feel unfulfilled, stuck, or confused on your next steps? Are you having trouble remembering why you're doing what you're doing?

This space is made for you! Life Calling Discovery is a short, introductory course to clarifying, owning, and activating your vocation.

Change the way you see your life, and the passion with which you live it! Sign up today!


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